1. Create an airbrush where you want the water. Say 10x10x10.
  2. Then clone that brush and change the size to 10X10X9 and line up the bottom edges.
  3. Change the cloned airbrush's operation to Fill Water to creat a waterbrush.
  4. Create a flowbrush (look in the Create list of operations) that complete encloses the waterbrush.
  5. Re-build Room Database.
  6. With the flowbrush selected, click Edit Group. The only property you'll be interested in is Texture color, set it to either "bl" (minus the quotes) for blue water or "gr" (minus the quotes) for green water.
  7. Click Update in World.
  8. Create a roombrush around the flowbrush.
  9. Re-build Room Database.

That's all there is to it. If the water shows up as jorge, try typing "compress_family all" in the command window and re-portilizing. If that doesn't work, type "add_family water" in the command window. The reason for getting jorge is that you don't have enough room in the texture palette for the textures. Either one of these to fixes should work.

Download a zipped example file for DromEd 1 here: