Placing on AI's belt

Author: A Little Mouse

Tutorial: Setting An Object On A Guard's Belt

By, A Little Mouse


Create a Guard and a Healing Potion in your room. There is a type of Healing Potion called 'A BeltHealingPotion' . That's

the one you want. Remember the numbers of both objects, and place the Potion inside the Guard. Choose the Guard, and click

on his Properties. Click Add and then choose Links, then Contains. You should get a Links bow, and you want to

Add with the following fields:

Flavor: Contains (To make the object in the Guard's inventory)

From: Guard's Number (So DromEd knows who it's in, in this case it's the Guard's number)

To: Object's Number (So DromEd knows what it is, in this case the Potion's number)

Data: Where you want it. (Choices are Generic, Belt, Hand. In this case it's the Belt)

When adding you don't get the Data field, so just add Flavor, From, and To. Then, when it's done, click the ID number,

then the Data field. That should call it up for you. You want to make sure to change this to belt or it'll be put in the

Guard's generic inv, where we don't want it to be.

DromEd should have done the ~Contains for you. That's it!

Leave alittle bit of cheeze in the corner of your map for me. -A Little Mouse.