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    CNSD - The Game! von leconbras

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    I`m glad to announce my first mission. It`s a project that pursues me for a long time, since 2006. I Hope you enjoy.

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    " We have recently moved to São Paulo. My daughter Sara still misses her mother. So do I ... Since she disappeared, we have not had any news ... It is hard not to know what happened to her.

    Here in the city, my daughter has always been very withdrawn. So I thought it were a good idea to enroll her in the acting classes at the new school. It worked very well at first, but after a few months, her behavior has become strange. She had a visibly unstable temper.

    The new school is quite traditional and religious, run by a Congregation of School Sisters. Acting classes take place at night time twice a week. After rehearsals, Sara comes home and goes straight to bed. I just hope one day we get our lives back to normal.

    Today is one of those rehearsal days..."


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