Neue Thief1G-FM "The Upward Spiral"

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    The Upward Spiral! von Spoonman/moldybread


    A couple of years ago a band of thieves raided some rich nobleman's house in some remote part of town. The details of the heist elude me, but I know that among the spoils was a particular arcane tome which got to command an extravagant price on the black market on account of several important figures of the City taking a special interest in it.

    Among these was a so called Brother Elliot, an eccentric with a notorious fascination with the occult, and a high-ranking member of the Hammerites to boot.

    It would later come to light that he also had a few too many ties with the criminal underworld. Ties which he extensively employed in order to get a hold of this particular book: Harassment, extortion, assault, you name it.

    The Hammerites were all too happy to cut ties with the guy and pretend he had never existed after they learned of his involvement in the whole ordeal. At least that was until they found out that he had been financing his illegal activities with the Order's very own treasuries. A city-wide manhunt was called, but no trace of him was ever found again.

    Until now, that is. An informant of mine told me Brother Elliot has apparently been sighted living in some small rural town not too far from the City. It won't take long for the Hammers to learn about this, but I think I'll have enough time to go find this Brother Elliot, relieve him of that precious book of his, and leave without being noticed.

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