Neue Thief2-FM "Darkstone Gem chapter 2, part 3: Point of Entry"

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    Darkstone Gem chapter 2, part 3: Point of Entry von DarkMax

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    Hello everyone! I have been hesitant on whether I should release this FM or not, but since I didn't want to end this year without releasing something for you guys, I'll just go ahead and release it.

    If you liked Trail of Blood or you like Pagan theme overall, I'd say you will like this one.

    Because of Dromed issues (cell limit to be more specific) this is just half of what the entire thing was supposed to be. But don't worry, I'm working on the other half and the last part of the whole series.


    The story follows the events in 'Unexpected Detour'. Garrett finally reaches the other side of the mountains and is closer to finding the Trickster temple.

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