"The Spear of Destiny" für T2/NewDark

  • The Spear of Destiny von Nightshifter und Redleaf



    The story (being a sequel) starts where you ended with the Librarian.

    In the Librarian, you were on a quest to find the Spear of Destiny which is believed to give immense power to the one in possession of it.
    At the end of the mission, you arrived at the place where The Spear had been hidden for millennia, guarded by the spirits of Water, Fire, Air and Earth. But the Spear was not there. It had been taken by the Mechanists! The Mechanists were disbanded after the fall of their evil leader, Karras, but clearly they regained their powers, led by their new leader, Cavall.
    At this point the mission, The Librarian, ended and left you hanging ...

    "So, Garrett, once again, it is up to you to save the world! Follow the trail left by the Mechanists to their secret hide out and prevent them from activating the Spear."

    So that is your mission in The Spear. You start in an abandoned compound of an ancient Numerology sect. Here you must find a passage to the new hideout of the Mechanists. In their mega-fortress you will have to find the Spear again ... and a way to destroy it ... maybe ....

    The Spear is packed full of intrigue and side-plots initiated by the evil Cavall. Expect the unexpected! And if you like to explore, your quest can lead you to some very strange, hidden locations.

    Proceed with caution, taffer ...


    Ihr braucht dafür Version 1.24 von NewDark. Enthält englische Untertitel, um sie zu deaktivieren lest die FMinfo-Datei. Russische Übersetzung in der ZIP-Datei.

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