"Dreamlord, Mission 1: Time is Gold" für T2/NewDark

  • Dreamlord, Mission 1: Time is Gold von Zoro (Diego San)



    The story takes place a short while before The Metal Age...

    I received a message today. Someone wants to meet me to make a special request. He, or she, offered me a decent reward which I couldn't refuse. So, I came to the meeting point tonight and a strange, purple-cloaked figure with a mask approached me...

    Victor: Are you Garrett?
    Garrett: So you're the one who wanted to see me? Let's get straight to business - what do you need?
    V: Hehe, as you wish. I hoped to have a little chat with you first but you don't really like talking, do you?
    G: Enough. What do you need?
    V: I need you to return something that belonged to me - my family pocket watch which was stolen by a former colleague.
    V: When I was a member of the Overwatch of Time - an order of scientists and engineers, I was framed by a man named Jerricko. He's also the one who stole my pocket watch.
    V: The villain has his own motives. I don't actually know what he was thinking about when he dropped me into that conflict with the brethren. But Father Bishop, the leader and founder of our... that order believed his romantic fairytale of my irresponsibility, and I was removed.
    V: Having lost my reputation, I didn't want to see any of my former brothers... or sisters. But still... Jerricko has taken the artifact. I would've asked someone to kill him to take my revenge, but... it won't make anything better.
    V: Now I want only one thing, the return of my family treasure - the pocket watch.
    V: If you're willing to help me, I'll tell you more details about the artifact and where to find it. Don't worry, Mister Garrett, I'll pay well for your work. And to prove it, I'd like to pay you part of your reward right now.
    G: So this little watch is that valuable to you? You could've asked someone else to do this job.
    V: You're a master thief, Mister Garrett. I wouldn't trust this job to anyone else, as Jerricko's estate is well protected by the knights of the Overwatch of Time.
    G: I see... Alright, I'll do the job for you.
    V: Very good, Mister Garrett, very good! Listen carefully now, as I won't repeat it. I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the mansion.

    He handed me a map showing where I can find the artifact he wanted to claim, just to the east of The City, surrounded by the mountains and woods. He then told me to meet him underground, in the Sunnyport Opera Theatre which was opened not long ago by a rich noble, Lord Barrymore, and built by some members of a new religious group called The Mechanists.
    Hmm, lucky I know how to get to the mansion the short way. Looks like an easy task indeed... I hope.

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