AngelLoader 1.4.8

Release Datum
Apr 8th 2019
Update Datum
Oct 17th 2019
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Ein Tool, um Fanmissionen zu installieren. Kann man als inoffiziellen DarkLoader-Nachfolger sehen.

AngelLoader is a standalone FM loader where you can manage, install, and play all of your FMs in one place. Inspired by DarkLoader and NewDarkLoader, it supports Thief 1, Thief 2, and Thief: Deadly Shadows. It includes many modern features such as rating, game sorting, tag management, easy .dml patching, an extensive set of filtering options, and a fast and accurate scanner for detecting FM titles, authors, game types, etc. For taffers who are used to DarkLoader, fear not - AngelLoader detects game types accurately, every time. No more editing ini files for Thief Gold!

Read this first!

System requirements:

  • Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer (the Windows version requirements are a direct result of this)

AngelLoader is a portable app, so it must be extracted to a non-protected folder (so don't put it in Program Files or Program Files (x86)). Put it somewhere like C:\AngelLoader or C:\Games\AngelLoader, etc.

For AngelLoader to work with your games, they must be patched as follows:

-Thief 1 and Thief 2 must be patched with NewDark (use TFix and T2Fix respectively for the quickest and easiest experience)

-Thief: Deadly Shadows must be patched with the Sneaky Upgrade (preferably or newer; older versions have not been tested)

Once you extract the zip file, you'll find a manual in the doc folder - AngelLoader documentation.html. Alternatively, you can view the manual online.

  • Version 1.4.8


    -Added optional Exit button at the bottom-right of the main window: one user had a case where AngelLoader was displaying in "fullscreen" so the normal

    Windows close button was inaccesible. The new Exit button is hidden by default; it can be enabled in Settings -> Other -> Show or hide interface elements.

    Also added Exit item to the main menu.

    -Fixed: Whitespace around header lines in language ini files (ie. "[MainMenu]") was not being handled properly, resulting in the section being incorrectly

    skipped if there was whitespace around said header.

    -Fixed: When scanning for authors but not titles (eg. when clicking the "Rescan for author" button), in rare cases the author would not be detected and

    would end up blank.

  • Version 1.4.6


    - Fixed: FMs for Thief: Deadly Shadows whose archive names were over 30 characters long would fail to play. Other games were unaffected.

  • Version 1.4.5



    - The filter controls can now be individually hidden.

    - Added main menu with some initial options in there, including a "Game versions" window where you can see the versions for all specified games

    (NewDark version for T1/T2/SS2, Sneaky Upgrade version for T3).


    - "Play original game" button image now reflects all four supported games.

    - Greatly reduced file size.

    - Improved performance of startup FM search.

    - Improved performance and memory use when scanning .rtf files, and improved detection of non-ASCII characters from .rtf files.

    - Added more comments to the English.ini language file to help translators.


    - Fixed a potential crash in the Settings window when a Browse button was clicked and its corresponding textbox contained an invalid path.

    - Fixed a corner-case with the top-right tab dragging, where if you pressed and held and released the mouse buttons weirdly, you might start

    dragging tabs even though you didn't click specifically on them.

    - Fixed: When selecting a Thief 3 mission which contains readmes in a subfolder and its readmes had not yet been cached, or when clicking

    "Rescan for readmes" for said mission, the readme chooser dropdown might end up with no selection until the FM was deselected and

    reselected again.

    - Fixed: When scanning .7z FM archives or installed (uncompressed) FMs, reading the OBJ_MAP chunk didn't take the header into account

    when calculating the length, so it would read 24 bytes short of the end. (thanks JayRude)

    - Fixed: If there existed two FM archives whose filename differed only by extension ( and fm.7z for example), an error would occur.

    - Fixed: Web searching for FMs whose titles contained an ampersand (&) was not working correctly and would break the search string.

    (thanks JohnKingsbury)

    - Fixed: Entries in the "Add tags from list" menu and entries in the FM alternate titles menu would not display ampersands.

    - Fixed: "Remove category"/"Remove tag" alerts weren't supposed to have yellow warning icons.

    - Fixed: In "Add tags from list" menu, if a category was empty, the text "AngelLoader.DataClasses.GlobalCatOrTag:" would sometimes

    appear in place of the category name.

    - Fixed: Tag functionality was prone to bugs due to me trying to be too clever in the code. The code is now much simpler and more reliable.

    - Fixed flickering when zooming FMs list

  • Version 1.4.4


    -Critical fix: "Include subfolders", "Add FM archive path" and "Remove FM archive path" buttons were positioned way off screen and inaccessible

  • Version 1.4.3


    -Fixed: Certain case-insensitive string comparisons were using culture-dependent casing rules. If your PC's culture was set to Turkish, this could cause two case-insensitively equal strings that both contained the letter "i" in different cases to incorrectly fail to match. Most comparisons were unaffected, but the FM scanner may have failed to detect some non-critical pieces of data (title, author etc.) if a user's culture was set to Turkish.

    -Fixed: The custom date fields in the Settings window would reset to their default values if left blank.

    -Fixed: The error text in the Settings window was not being updated when a new language was selected; it was only ever updated when the error check was run.

    -Fixed: FM comments would have any trailing whitespace removed on load. Probably nobody ended their comments with a bunch of whitespace, but hey...


    -Pressing F1 will now open the manual file to the relevant section.

    -Changed "Current culture" etc. to "System locale" in date format options, in an attempt to be more clear.

    -If there are path errors on startup, the Settings window will now immediately show you what they are, rather than popping up and not showing you what's wrong until you try to hit OK.

    -Added a small bit of text on the UI to try to make it more clear what the "Backup path" is for.

    -Any language string that's missing from the selected language set will now fall back to the English default, rather than just leaving whatever was in there before.

  • Version 1.4.2


    -FM archives can now be deleted from disk by either pressing Delete while the FMs list is focused, or by selecting "Delete FM archive" from the FM context menu. You'll be asked for confirmation.


    -Fixed: Some missions would not play correctly (you would get the stock Running Interference) due to a missing missflag.str file. This file is now automatically generated if it's missing. Matches DarkLoader and NewDarkLoader. FMSel still doesn't do this, which must be my consolation prize. But like, Le Corbeau, might wanna consider doing this, cause otherwise a bunch of older missions won't work with FMSel.

    -Fixed: When scrolling the mousewheel over comboboxes, sometimes the scroll wouldn't take, or the FMs list would scroll instead.

    -Fixed: When a filter textbox was focused and the mouse was over the FMs list, the Home and End keys would scroll the FMs list to the top and bottom. Now, they move the cursor to the start and end of the focused filter textbox in this case. When a filter textbox is focused, you can press Escape to return focus to the FMs list.

    -Fixed: If all columns were hidden, AngelLoader could throw an unhandled exception.

    -When refreshing the FMs list from disk, your previous selection is now kept if possible.

    -Improved title detection for Thief 3 and System Shock 2 FMs.

    -On Settings window error, it will now scroll to the relevant field (example, if the backup path is invalid, it will scroll to the backup path textbox so you can see the red highlight).

  • Version 1.4.1

    -Readme files are now run through a character encoding detector before being loaded, so broken characters (eg. "procuré" instead of "procuré") should never - or at least extremely rarely - appear now.

    -Fixed-width font is now the default for plaintext readmes, if it isn't already set.

    -startmis.sav is now excluded from differential ("All changed files") backups, matching FMSel's behavior.

    -Both '\' and '/' path separators are now properly handled everywhere.


    -Fixed: FM added dates wouldn't be cached in the data file.

    -Fixed: Author filter didn't take highlighted recent FMs into account.

    -Fixed: Left and right arrow images on buttons were being drawn slightly incorrectly.

  • Version 1.4


    -Added "Date Added" column, which shows the date the mission was added to the list. This is helpful in finding newly downloaded FMs when you have a lot of missions in the list.

    -Newly added FMs are now scanned completely, rather than having only their game type scanned. This is almost as fast, and allows searching by title and other metadata if you can't remember a new mission's archive name.

    -Added recent FM highlighting feature, where you can say that recently added FMs should be displayed at the top of the list and highlighted.

    -Initial readme selection now takes AngelLoader's language setting into account. For instance, if the language is English, "fminfo-en.txt" would be selected, while if the language is German, "fminfo-de.txt" would be selected. This only takes effect for readmes that have not been detected yet. Those that have been detected already or have been selected manually are not affected, so as not to mess with your previous selections.

    -Added a feature where you can manually choose the language you want to play an FM with (in the Edit FM tab).

    -Middle-clicking the FMs list now centers the selected FM onscreen if it wasn't on screen before.


    -Home and End now scroll the FMs list to the top and bottom, rather than the left and right.


    -Fixed: If you added user tags to an FM, re-scanned it, made no further manual changes to the tags, then closed AngelLoader, the user-added tags would be lost.

    -Fixed: When scanning newly added FMs, the progress box wouldn't pop up if there was only one new FM and that FM was a zip.

    -Fixed: When the FMs list was scrolled to the right and you changed selection or sorted a column, it would instantly scroll all the way back to the left.

    -Fixed: Forward slashes were not always handled properly in file paths.

    -Fixed regression: Date fields in the Edit tab would no longer change their visibility based on whether the dates were specified.

    -Fixed regression: Multiplayer Thief2MP.exe was no longer detected on startup.

  • Version 1.3.2

    -Critical fix: On Windows 10, the "activate-first-instance" feature broke and would cause a second instance of AngelLoader to stay running and prevent others from starting properly. Argh.

    -Changed all character encodings to be explicit: should prevent potential issues for non-English Windows versions.

  • Version 1.3

    User experience improvements:

    -AngelLoader will now attempt to restore the previous loader when it exits. For example, if your Thief 2 loader is FMSel, and then you start AngelLoader

    and play an FM, and then you quit AngelLoader, your loader will be reset back to FMSel again. That way, if you start Thief2.exe manually, your regular

    loader will pop up. Previously, what would have happened in that case is that Thief 2 would just start up with no FM or loader and not tell you anything

    about why. This caused confusion for people who were using multiple loaders - suddenly after running AngelLoader their old loader wouldn't pop up

    anymore. This is fixed now. However, as a fallback, in case for whatever reason AngelLoader is still set as the loader when you start your game manually,

    you will now get a dialog box explaining the situation and telling you how to choose another loader.

    -AngelLoader now matches FMSel's FM language search and fallback functionality. This should help in cases where people were getting blank readables

    for non-English Thief installs etc.

    -If you try to start AngelLoader while it's already running, it will now focus and bring itself to the front, rather than just doing nothing and making you

    bring it up yourself.


    -Fixed: When opening the Settings window, the "Ignore articles" section didn't change its enabled-state to match its values.

    -Fixed: "Remove tag" button could throw an exception if no tag was selected.

    -Fixed: If the rating filter was selected and its label was shown and it had the text "None" in it, that text wouldn't be updated when the language


    -Fixed: The Tags tab used to be able to be shrunk down to nothing with no scroll bars, causing its layout to get messed up. Scroll bars now appear

    at an appropriate time like all the other tabs.