AngelLoader 1.1.0

Release Datum
Apr 8th 2019
Update Datum
Apr 8th 2019
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Ein Tool, um Fanmissionen zu installieren. Kann man als inoffiziellen DarkLoader-Nachfolger sehen.

AngelLoader is a standalone FM loader where you can manage, install, and play all of your FMs in one place. Inspired by DarkLoader and NewDarkLoader, it supports Thief 1, Thief 2, and Thief: Deadly Shadows. It includes many modern features such as rating, game sorting, tag management, easy .dml patching, an extensive set of filtering options, and a fast and accurate scanner for detecting FM titles, authors, game types, etc. For taffers who are used to DarkLoader, fear not - AngelLoader detects game types accurately, every time. No more editing ini files for Thief Gold!

Read this first!

System requirements:

  • Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer (the Windows version requirements are a direct result of this)

AngelLoader is a portable app, so it must be extracted to a non-protected folder (so don't put it in Program Files or Program Files (x86)). Put it somewhere like C:\AngelLoader or C:\Games\AngelLoader, etc.

For AngelLoader to work with your games, they must be patched as follows:

-Thief 1 and Thief 2 must be patched with NewDark (use TFix and T2Fix respectively for the quickest and easiest experience)

-Thief: Deadly Shadows must be patched with the Sneaky Upgrade (preferably or newer; older versions have not been tested)

Once you extract the zip file, you'll find a manual in the doc folder - AngelLoader documentation.html. Alternatively, you can view the manual online.

  • Version 1.1.0


    New features:

    -Added support for Thief 2 1.27's new multiplayer mode. If you have Thief2MP.exe in your Thief 2 folder, you can choose to optionally play an FM or

    original Thief 2 with this executable.

    -Plain-text readme files can now optionally be displayed with a fixed-width font. This matches DarkLoader's behavior.

    -Top-right tabs can now be individually shown and hidden using a drop-down menu. The expand/collapse button has been moved to the right side to

    accommodate this slight layout change.

    -Better reader mode for RichTextBox (thanks Xanfre).

    -Added ability to scroll the FMs list horizontally by tilting the mousewheel (thanks Xanfre).

    -The tags filter window now has a search box.


    -"Disabled Mods" column now takes disable-all into account when sorting.

    -If you had an invalid tag in the tag-search textbox and then selected a valid tag from the menu, it would reject it.

    -Improved handling when certain settings are missing or malformed in Config.ini.


    -"Comment" and "Disabled Mods" columns now sort content-first for a better user experience.

    -Improved speed of certain file I/O operations (cold startup is now faster, and a few other places are as well).

    -Significant speedup in sorting the FMs list (this also improves startup time).

    -Redesigned Settings window with a more vertical layout, and made it resizable. This is to allow for more complete support of autosizing elements to

    fit translated strings, and to allow arbitrarily many elements per page without the fixed-size restriction of the old window. I don't make such large UI

    changes flippantly, but I hope you'll understand it was for a good reason.

    -Some dialogs with a "Don't ask again" option and a Cancel button will now ignore any change to the "Don't ask again" value when Cancel is clicked,

    in order to be more in line with what a Cancel button should do (ie, it should leave everything unchanged).

    -Decoupled languages from the main distribution - they'll be separate downloads now, so I can release new versions with new text without waiting on

    new translations.

  • Version 1.0.14


    RichTextBox improvements:

    -Optimize new scrolling for high-resolution mouse wheels and trackpads (Xanfre)

    -Fix the mouse cursor flicker exhibited when entering reader (middle-button auto-scroll) mode (Xanfre)

  • Version 1.0.13


    -New languages:

    German (thanks Maitre Malterre)

    Italian (thanks Ramone)

    -Size column text is now aligned right

    -"Show junk" checkbox has been replaced with a button whose tooltip is more descriptive (Show FMs marked as "unsupported game or non-FM archive")

    -RichTextBox improvements:

    Mousewheel scrolling now happens in evenly-sized chunks rather than "lines" (where a "line" could be as short as fine print or as tall as an entire image), making scrolling

    a much more pleasant and predictable experience (fix contributed by Xanfre)

    Fixed cursor flickering when the mouse is to the left of a non-left-justified line of text (the right-arrow cursor will now appear in that case) (fix found with the help of Xanfre)

    -Fixed when choosing to play an original game and another loader was set up as the FM selector in cam_mod.ini, AngelLoader wouldn't set itself as the loader and therefore the

    other loader would run in that case, rather than just going straight to running the original game with no loader

    -Fixed when installing an FM, the progress box might close and reopen between tasks, rather than just changing its display data, causing a noticeable flicker effect

  • Version 1.0.10


    Added French translation - thanks Stefan_Key!


    -Fixed regression: preview date label now once again autosizes to prevent cutting off the first checkbox text

    -Fixed only a maximum of two languages would ever appear

    -Fixed an extremely improbable situation where FMScanner might return too many items if it's fed bad data (which I don't think can ever happpen for AL, but you never know)

  • Version 1.0.9a



    -Rating display style change now works properly with FMs list zoom

    -Added missing localizable string

    -Fixed rating display style "Use Stars" wasn't being read in properly. Embarrassing. I should code-gen the config reader/writers to prevent this sort of thing happening

  • Version 1.0.7

    1. v1.0.7:
    2. -Basic support for un-converted FM installed dir names.
    3. -Moved install / uninstall button away from play button
    4. -Added option to confirm on uninstall
    5. -Added option to hide install / uninstall button
    6. -Better ask dialogs
    7. -Removed troublesome timed-show of progressbox. Replaced with a more basic but reliable check.
  • Version 1.0.6

    1. v1.0.6:
    2. -Fixed corner case where scanning an FM could enter an infinite loop when the installed directory name was in an invalid format and there was no archive specified
  • Version 1.0.5a


    -Fixed a race condition that could cause a blank progress box to be displayed with no way to dismiss it

  • Version 1.0.5


    -Added "Refresh from disk" button
    -Fixed: readme zoom value was read in a culture-dependent way, so "1.300" could be interpreted as "1300" for example

  • Version 1.0.4a


    -Fixed NewDarkLoader's ".fix" folder was sometimes not being ignored in the archive dir search when "Include subfolders" was enabled