New Dark Patch für Thief 2 1.26

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Ein inoffizielles Update, um Thief 2 auf modernen Rechnern lauffähig zu machen neben weiteren Verbesserungen.


  • Version 1.26

    This is a maintenance patch that fixes a couple of things and adds a few new ones.
    See list below. Consider all prior versions obsolete and do not use them any more.

    Changes and fixes for v1.26



    - hopefully fixed the DLL load problems that some have with ffmpeg.dll

    - added support for mouse smoothing (see "doc\new_config_vars.txt")

    - added ATOC support for intel GPUs (that are capable of it)

    - added custom shader support for software gamma and color processing, see "doc\sw_cc\sw_cc_notes.txt"

    (can for example be used to add subtle noise to reduce banding/posterization)

    - replaced "disable_lightmap_aniso" with "lm_filter_mode" that gives full control over texture filtering

    mode used for lightmaps (makes it possible to have filtering disabled for regular textures but enabled

    for lightmaps)


    - fixed potential crash when minimizing the texture palette window

    - fixed issue with cached texture archetypes temporarily getting mixed up after compressing family textures

    (previsouly solved itself after going back and forth to game mode once, but should now work right away)

    - restored "kCallbackEntryMax" (speech callback) limit from 1 to 4 to avoid "i < kCallbackEntryMax" asserts

    - made stimulus drop-list sorted in add/edit receptron dialogs (with lg.ini option for old unsorted behavior)

    - fixed support for referencing concrete objects by name in mission DMLs

    - extended DML fingerprint functionality (see "dbmod-sample.dml" doc)

    - added ability to specify an archetype obj ID instead of name for tweq emitters

    - added ability for scripts to subscribe messages for all qvars by subscribing to the name "*"

    - added "spew_script_msg" command that will output mono info about all messages sent to scripts (may be useful to

    pinpoint a problematic script)

    - added ability to clear filters in various darkdlgs dialogs by mouse click (by clicking on the filter count info

    text to the right of the filter input controls)

    - added status bar info about number of brushes hilighted by hilight commands

    - added campaign bin data store available to scripts (see "doc\script\Quest.txt" for details)


    - fixed a bug in SQUIRREL.OSM with "string &" arguments not returning any values

    - fixed PostMessage function when SQUIRREL.OSM is used with dark in Thief1 mode

    - fixed incorrect value in nMaxRootLen passed to FM Selectors

    - added Quest.GetAllVars service function to SQUIRREL.OSM

    - changed the included DarkMapGen.jpg from a simple screenshot to a mini-tutorial for creating automap

    data with DarkMapGen (located in "")

    - fixed bug when deleting map locations in DarkMapGen, that could cause issues with snapping and other

    subsequent editing operations