Empfohlen Tafferpatcher: unofficial complete patch for Thief 2 2.0.18

DJ Riff
Release Datum
Feb 27th 2010
Update Datum
Mar 26th 2017
Dateigröße in MB

Autor: DJ Riff, Beschreibung: Dieser Patch vereint fast alle wichtigen Patches wie ddfix, Thief Version 1.21, Widescreen, usw., die für das Spielen von Thief II auf einigen Hardwarekonfigurationen notwendig sind.

Tafferpatcher: unofficial complete patch for Thief 2

I'm developing an installation and patch manager for Thief-2. It incorporates many patches and fixes to help fellow taffers to install and play the game.

Key features are:

- Installs the game from original discs bypassing original installer (no more taffing around with -lgntforce and compatibility settings);

- Patch to version 1.18, checking dark.gam and gen.osm versions (there are releases that claim to be 1.18 but still contain some old files);

- Install/remove any fixes included in any combination;

- Multiple installations of the game with different combination of fixes are supported.

- The new beta version contains the fan-made engine patch 1.25 for the game executable

Included patches:

- Patch 1.23 which eliminates all issues with modern hardware, widescreen resolutions, multi-core systems, etc.

- Various mission, gamesys, model and texture fixes.

- t2skies and t2water mod by Jermi

- Enhancement Pack by Nameless Voice

- NTEX texture pack by thief_gotcha

Game Requirements

For installation: Original English/German/French version (on original CDs or copied from CDs or already installed copy)

For Patch 1.18: Original English/German/French version

For other patches: Any installed full 1.18 version (with proper dark.gam and gen.osm files).

System Requirements

Windows 2000 or higher.

Known issues

- When installing Thief-2 on WINE from CD, the installer may not check off "read-only" attribute from copied files. Please check access rights after it finished copying files and then proceed with installation of any patches.

- A program may freeze without any CPU/HDD activity. If that happens then search in the Process Manager for "7za.exe" and kill the process — the installation should continue. After that please check that you have full access rights to the folder where Thief-2 is installed.


Install Thief 2

Note: this works only for original CDs. If you have a Sold-Out release or Complete Collection, just use the disc's autorun menu to install Thief.

1. Insert Thief 2 CD1 into CD drive or copy contents from both CDs to a folder on your hard drive.

2. Start TafferPatcher, select the empty folder where you want Thief 2 to be installed to. The path should be as short as possible and should not contain spaces. You must have full write access to the folder, so it's a good idea to start TP with administrative privileges.

3. Click 'Install Thief 2' check-box. All other check-boxes will be checked on by default for a full install. If you uncheck any of them, some files won't be copied during installation and it means that the source folder (be it CD or HDD folder) must be available every time you start the game.

4. Click Next. The installation will start. When the installation is complete, you'll see the next page with the list of available patches. It's safe to close TP window now if you'd like to test the unpatched version of the game. TP can be run again later.

Install compatibility patches

Note: With NewDark update, most of compatibility patches are obsolete, so it's the only thing you need to install to make your copy of Thief compatible with modern hardware.

1. Install a fresh copy of Thief 2. Or make sure it doesn't have any fan-missions or mods installed.

2. If you're not installing Thief 2 via TP, select the folder where Thief 2 is installed.

3. On the page with the list of available patches, There's a preset listbox. Note that it affects only the default set of selected patches, you may as well ignore it and select them on your own. Patch 1.18 is always on and grayed out on purpose.

4. Click Next all the way to finish the installation. On the first run, TP will check for old versions of files and install Patch 1.18 if needed. In addition, all .CRF files in the root folder will be repacked into ones in .\RES subfolder to make it compatible with fan-missions.

5. On the Finish page you can run additional configuration utilities and Thief 2 itself to test it.

Install resource and mission patches

Note: it is recommended to select a combination of compatibility patches (see above) to set Thief 2 working properly before installing other updates and enhancements.

1. On the Select Components page select 'Resource and mission patches' in the preset list. All resource and mission patches will be added to your current setup. Add / remove components manually if you want to.

2. Click Next all the way to finish the installation.

Install visual enhancements

1. On the Select Components page select 'Visual Enhancements' check-box. Note that some of them may be disabled because they require some other patch that is currently not installed. See the component's description for details.

2. Click Next all the way to finish the installation.

Quickly re-install some patch or other component

1. On the Select Components page uncheck the feature you want to reinstall. Click Next. The feature will be uninstalled right away.

2. Click Back. Select the feature again and click Next all the way to finish the installation.

Quickly change game resolution

Note: this is for TafferPatcher versions 1.x.x. Thief 2 patched with NewDark engine update should have all available resolutions in its video settings, including widescreen ones.

Start TP with /setres parameter. It will skip to the Select Directory Page, then to Set Resolution window, then to the Utilities Page.

Make the Thief installation portable

1. Run TP all the way to Utilities page (/setres parameter may come in handy here).

2. Start darkinst.cfg editor. Set all sections to "Relative paths inside Thief folder". Check the modified darkinst.cfg content in the right window. If any absolute paths left which are outside Thief folder, copy all files from them to the appropriate Thief resource folders and remove them from the list. Click OK.

3. Start ddfix.ini editor. If you have DDFix 1.5.11 installed, make sure TexturePath is relative too. If you have earlier version of ddfix, you'll have to change the absolute TexturePath every time you move your Thief folder. Click OK and finish the installation.

Temporary disable visual enhancements

1. Run TP all the way to Utilities page (/setres parameter may come in handy here).

2. Start darkinst.cfg editor. In the resname section, move mod containing folder(s) (.\NTEXDDS, .\EP etc.) all the way down so that the original .\RES folder appear above them. This will give higher priority to original game resources. Note that it won't work this way with t2skies mod because it modifies mission files too.

Note: If you have a multi-language release, you can switch between languages the same way using language section.

Re-install Patch 1.18

OK, It's a tough one. As TP checks if 1.18 needs to be installed only on the first run, you have to trick it to think it's never been in this Thief folder. So...

1. On the Tasks page select "COMPLETELY AND NOW Remove...", Click Next to finish uninstall process.

2. Run TP again, select the same folder and all patches you uninstalled before. This time TP will check if the Patch 1.18 needs to be installed again.

Uninstall Thief 2

Note: this applies only if you have installed Thief via TP or copied it manually. Otherwise use Add/Remove Programs entry as usual.

1. Back up your saves.

2. Start TP, on the task page select "Delete registry settings for Thief 2". Click Next all the way to the finish.

3. Delete Thief 2 Folder.