Thief 2 - The Lost Alpha Demo 1.11

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Jan 27th 2014
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Autor: voodoo47, Beschreibung: The alpha demo version of the Thief 2 OM 'Life of the Party' aka 'The Unwelcome Guest', upgraded with NewDark and high-res resources.

Thief2 Lost Alpha Demo

This is the barely finished alpha version of the Life of the Party mission from Thief2 that has been released by LGS a long time ago as Thief2 demo "Unwelcome Guest". The demo was using an early version of the Thief2 Dark Engine which was much less compatible with new PCs than the final version used for the full game, and thus the demo has not been playable for many years now, becoming "lost" to the gaming world. With the release of NewDark, it's become possible to convert the assets, and get the demo into a working condition. Potential new players can now have a taste of both Thief2 and NewDark in one bite before heading to GOG or Steam to get the full course, and oldtimers will probably enjoy the special alpha flavor this old forgotten place provides. A few rudimentary fixes were applied to some broken assets, and NewSky, hires textures (various texture packs available at TTLG) and objects (EP) have been added as well. Rename the "hires" folder to something else to go full retro (warning, some of those original resources really are alpha, so be prepared to meet AIs with no noses and similar).

note: compatible with EP2 and NecroAge hires texture packs - just drop the pack of your choice into the root T2demo folder.

System requirements

Minimum: any PC that can run winXP decently, a fully DX9 compatible graphics card
Recommended: any PC that can run win7 decently, a fully DX10+ compatible graphics card

Legal stuff

This demo is not supported by anyone, use at your own risk. The original resources are property of LGS, the new resources belong to whoever made them. Feel free to mirror the demo, or to further modify the resources.

Thanks to

Everybody who had helped with the conversion, also to all those who keep releasing hires textures, objects etc. And, of course, special thanks to our mysterious black feathered friend out there, without him, this conversion would not be possible at all. Hope he is enjoying a nice slice of cheese, sitting on a tree branch somewhere.